Blessed To Have So Much In My Life

I am so lucky
To have grown up in a loving family
To have found a lifelong partner
To be in a loving mariage of 30+ years
To have given birth to 2 healthy children who are now great adults
To have lived in 5 different countries
To share my life experiences with wonderful lifelong friends
To have a confortable home and a great garden
To hike during the Summer and ski during the Winter
To eat healthy food
To have a satisfying job
To be free to think and do what I wish
To be living in the beauty of mother nature
to have all these blessings in my life.
Bellile Bellile
51-55, F
3 Responses Sep 12, 2012

You have been very lucky in your life; its good to read about someone on EP who appreciates all that they have. Best wishes :-)

Share with you do volunteer work?

Eg hand out meals to the homeless ? Sponsor a child in a third world country ?

you are lucky, and you have a lucky character. <br />
It is true that the satisfactions we feel at mature age are somehow more rewarding, more deep than the joys we have as young people. This is not to say that being young means being superficial. Rather, we gain a larger perspective with age.<br />
I wasn't so lucky, and I can't say I got all the happy blessings like you. But still, I achieved a lot, and I got more from life after age 55 than I ever hoped before.