I Just Had This Conversation This Morning

I told my husband that if he really, really, really wants to get a place with no electricity then he has to do the laundry.  He countered by saying that he is not sure he could go without a generator.  I then brought up the obvious specter of his illusive mistress (the laptop) and said that this had to be the reason he couldn't go without a generator.  Once again, I win.  Well, I should say, ELECTRICITY wins.  I would not, and could not go without electricity.   I used to freak out as a child if the power went out.  I dread....dread, dreaaaaad thunderstorms, ice storms, whatever.  Do not take my electricity away.
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6 Responses Jan 21, 2008

Laptop goes in the creek if there is not a washing machine and generator here within the half hour!!!!!!!! (this is how I would deal with no electricity)

Yes, withOUT.

lol you mean, with OUT a washing machine? lol So would everybody in my family. I am sooooo not going to start washing clothes with any board. Or in any old cold freaking creek. Give me my washing machine and give it to me now.

With a washing machine, I would be wearing dirty clothes most of the time.

No doubt. The women of yesterday would look at our washing machines, then look at their husbands and give them the hand. lol

I have no idea how humans survived for countless generations before electricity.