Thankful, But...

I am defintely thankful for electricity because I am a night owl and appreciate the light I can use at night.  I also like  being able to use a hair dryer and do laundry (although laundry can be hand washed and my hair air dryed).  However, I am sure I could go without electricity.  Some days I feel like I may be able to get more done should I not be on the computer so much or get sidetracked by a television show.  It's kind of a love/hate relationship. 
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3 Responses Jan 22, 2008

I've wondered if I could handle true camping, where it's just us and nature, with the modern world left completely behind. I think there would be a learning curve to adapt to the natural world, but I think it's possible to learn these skills.

That'd be so nice! I've been camping before, but they've always been at places that have had electricity and running water in certain areas of the camping grounds. It'd be nice to really get out somewhere that didn't offer that "campground" atmospheres and luxuries found within a few yards.

At some point, I want to do some serious camping, just to see what it's like to do without the usual things like electricity and running water.