A Few Times Have Lived Without It

When I worked in Kosovo, I had to walk around half a mile from the house in which I was living to use a solar powered heated shower- that was what it was called, whilst in essence it was the strong heat of the summer sun, heating the water directly that was coming out of a screened hose. There was only electricity two hours a day.  Usually the two hours I was asleep, so most of meals were cold, there was a lot of bruises as i determined the way to the bathroom and entertaiment in the evening was by candlelight and involved a lot of sleeping. Yet also got caught outside a lot walking home, with no street lights in the dead of country- blind faith and steps.

In Africa, I stayed in a remote region in hills outside Kibera in which electricity was only available 2 hours a day, and had a very similiar experience to Kosovo.

I do be thankful each time i switch the light on to use the bathroom in the middle of the night due to this.

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Jul 12, 2008