I Have Never Been More Thankful For Electricity Than Friday Night (9/19/08)

I live in southern Indiana and had my power knocked out by the wind storms that blew through on Sept. 14th, 2008. We had winds holding steady at 60+ mph for a few hours. We lost power around 1230pm and didn't get it back until Sept. 19th.

Living without electricity sucks! I can't believe how conditioned we are to being spoiled all the time. No hot showers, not cold milk, clothes sitting in the washing machine I had to wring out to dry and hope they didn't mold before I could re-wash them.

I feel horrible for the people devastated by the hurricanes the last few years. I never understood how hard it had to be. I am thankful I didn't lose my house and so could retain some normality.

Nature really can beat the crap out of modern society with just one freak strorm. I never understood that until now. It is a lesson I hope I don't forget.

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Sep 23, 2008