The Love Of God

The One True God creates the World of Creation and the World of Revelation to reveal His Love, the Hidden Treasure.

In the World of Creation, human beings are the supreme creatures, being endowed with the rational sense to seek for God,

to learn the Teachings of God and to do the Will of God. In doing so, man will enter the close communion with God to

attain His knowledge, to enjoy His visible and invisible bestowals, and then return to Him in the World of Revelation

and enjoy more marvelous blessings.

To guide mankind on this spiritual journey back to Him, God sends down through various Ages, His Messengers

with the revealed Books to explain all things concerning His Existence, His Creation and His Purpose.

In the course of memorable history on earth, we had the Divine Messengers such as Moses, Khrisna, Zoroaster, Christ,

Muhammad, Baha'u'llah....And in this  Age of maturity of the human race, we all can freely, easily, and instantly

gain access to this divine lesson, through marvelous means such as the Internet, TV, Radio..., to study, to meditate, to practice,

in order to accomplish the self-realization, to establish unity, peace, prosperity  and an all-encompassing world civilization.

Hence, I am thankful to God for these divinely great things.

pukirahe pukirahe
2 Responses Feb 15, 2010

I am impressed by your grasp of myth and deepest psychology but why do you always have to speak like a prophet? Don't you want to preach to wider audience than the converted? Am i being unfair?

I am a layman and I express secular thoughts.

really? i haven't read many of those - but it's all cool - i've listened to you long enough now to understand your MO on EP - and there's nothing wrong with playing a prophet if that's what works for you - maybe i haven't followed you far enough to hear your little voice

and i think i also jumped on this back then because i was more unconscious of the developing mystic in me - i just can't give up on my intellect because it's my greatest faculty - so i prefer a slightly deranged Socratic discourse

Very wonderful thoughts. God is the answer to everything. His is the best love of all :)