The Key To Happiness

"Here is the key to our happiness:  As long as we give up our control fantasies, we will always get what we want."  -- Rob Brezsny

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Magpi think of it as rather as your plans or dreams or desires for your future. If you give up trying to control the way you want that to be, and give it over to Him, to lead you and guide whichever way He sees fit, He will give you something perfectly right for you.<br />
I learnt that faith is not faith, until it is the only thing left for you to hold on to. It was a hard but beautiful lesson. X@

Oh, I see, this is all about the Divine...... <br />
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Well, I believe in God and try to trust in Him.<br />
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I still don't understand the concept of, 'Control Fantasies.'<br />
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I don't HAVE fantasies; I live from day-to-day.

Thank you Datura!

Yes, faith. The knowledge that the Divine goes before us to prepare the way for us, if we will but have faith.Sending you much love, Juan.

I read this this morning, before I started my day. It is part of a much longer statement, but it rung so true to me that I needed to state it here, if for no other reason but to reinforce it to myself.<br />
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I am about to journey into uknown waters, and honestly, I'm really quite frightened. Yet, I know it is what I must do, and my best chance for landing safely on the other shore lies not with my own powers as much as with the grace that comes from the Divine. Rob's words boil down to the very essense of faith, and it is faith that I need now more than anything.

One of the hardest lessons I ever had to learn, but one that brought me tremendous peace. I am thankful to the Divine Wow for that one too, Juan.

I don't really understand what you're saying......What are, 'Control Fantasies?'