Being Thankful

Being thankfulis one of the hardest things to fully reveal but take a few minutesand think about what is being written here and how I see being thankful today.

I am thankful for being alive. I am really thankful for this knowing tat I am not in another dimension. Being alive is great.

am thankfull that I have my senses. Being able to see, hear and talk are the most valuable things we as humanoids have.. being able to see each new day can do wonders for you.Being able to watch a baby grow is just great or to hear it's first words. Hearing those sounds will really be a joy to all.

Thankful for being able to travel to many far away places. Thankful for giving what i can to those who do not have anything. Thankful tat I have had this great opportunity and will continue to do so. This is really great.

Thankful that I made it through life without much difficulty. Thankful in many ways that my caregiver did not kill me as a kid or do more bodily harm. It was a very difficult period of time. My siblings  most likely felt the same way as we were growing up.

So for today what are you thankful for?
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