So Incredibly Rich I Am

Yesterday the top shelf and rail in my closet collapsed on me....with all 100 lbs of clothes and stuff on board! It was a catastrophe of epic proportions. A global eruption of devastation! It was all I could do to recover my wits when as I was backing out of the closet I accidentally spilled a cup of water with nothing at hand to wipe it. Okay so the hunt for a towel begins or should I sort through the closet rubble looking for survivors????? Clumsy me, before I could resolve one problem I knock over a pile of insurance papers and it seems as if suddenly the water with crystal clear intent started to seep dangerously close to the papers...time was critical.......grabbed my PJ's to dam up the flow
and rescue the papers. Then I sat on my bed and was too early.....hadn't had my coffee....had stayed up way too late playing on EP last night and poor poor me.....sob...

my computer hiccups a spasmed out a picture of the recent earthquake in Turkey....looking at real rubble everywhere and the heartbroken desperation on the faces of survivors I's just a closet shelf.......not a whole house or neighborhood or city....just a stupid....singular shelf and I was unhurt and whole....could change my clothes, shower, use the bathroom...cook food from the fridge and rest assured that all my neighbors were reasonably safe and alive.....
One of those brief moments I truly could see how incredibly rich I am.....

The closet shelf is still on the floor....don't know when that will get fixed and I am not about to get into any conflict or stress over fact I successfully ignored it all day today. There are some things in life that take up way too much space in our lives and I am so grateful to have a whole home and community with all the modern conveniences ....wish I could stay in this place of mind and spirit always.
A grateful heart is open door to peace and understanding.
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For me its interesting in that something posted years ago has resonance... thanks...

you gave me a sort of consolation looking at my messy drawers and massive books and magz that are all just waiting for my decision to start treating them!<br />
They are waiting and waiting! Ooooouuuuuuhhhhhhhh!!!

Thank you for your comment .

Somertimes when we're not looking the most amazing people walk into our lives. Don't give up just keep focusing on the good stuff!

I agree we are rich. As we keep a positive attitude over our lives.And saying positive things daily will allow distructions to stop coming our way. No matter how hard of a time we may have in life there is always someone else with a much bigger problem. Having self pity doesn't get you any where. Our minds is a battle field. What are you meditating on that allows worry, fears, come your way? The Bible gives us instruction of life and how to protect our self from the things that will cause problems. I thank my God who sent His son Jesus Christ who went to Calvery and died and rose again so that I can recieve my salvation. I Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and mercy, grace. His loving kindness, forgiveness. and so much more He has given. He says in the word of God. To cast our cares upon Him because He cares for you and I. I've known Jesus Christ as my personal savior for 40 years and He has never failed me. Many would say how do you know He is real? I know He is real. Since I made the decision to give Him my life. He Has shown me how real He is. There is and answer and the answer is Jesus Christ Lord and savior.

We will not stop all destructions or problems from coming our way but I know who can lead me through them to absolute victory over the circumstances. Thanks for your comment!. God bless.

The world of God says in Psalm. We make our own destructions with the words of our mouth. Being positive is a powerful thing. Yes, we do have trials and hard places at times In our lives. Paul in the New Testement said to count them joy. Because even in the things we go through we grow and learn. You can look at the good in all things. I would reather be around someone who talks and believe to be positive then a complainer.

Thank you for sharing your pain, and having the right attitude to deal with it.<br />
It was today that a friend of mine shared with me about a motivational speaker named Nick on youtube.<br />
If you have the time check out Nick and be encouraged!

Im glad you were OK !

I like your perspective on your life situations. Realize this is a cliche here but hey they don't become one unless there's some truth it it. "Don't sweat the small stuff' "Look at the big pictture or as I think it was humanistic psychologist Fritz Perls who said look at the Gestalt.

Gratefulness is the key to happiness indeed. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

How uplifting. I was born in 1941, and have always been grateful I wasn't in a concentration camp. I knew about such horror at too young an age, but that was the world we were brought up in. When I think I have a problem, I remind myself 'at least I'm not in a concentration camp'. Compared to that, nothing's a problem. My husband left me, I'm old and in ill health, SMI disabled, least ........... Peace and love to all.

Thank you for that,<br /><br />
Always wanted to contribute to peace corps or habitat for humanity...<br /><br />
Been building everything, steel and wood fer bout thirty plus years and just plain chicken to learn how to help others.<br /><br />
And probably meet the nicest people anywhere!<br /><br />
Beautiful message,<br /><br />

To all the commentators and writer, maybe some of you will consider donating some of these clothes we all love so much but we really do not use all.

I just want to tell you that i had my closet collapse on me once (while my leg was already), it did seem like the end of the world to me, and I cried to. I didn't have a picture of an earthquake to put it in perspective at the time, and was shook up for the rest of the night. How silly am I?

EXCELLENT perspective. I enjoyed your story.<br />
In cleaning up have you considered sorting through and donating some of the clothing you don't wear anymore or haven't worn in awhile to the Salvation Army?<br />
Just a thought...<br />
Keep your attitude of gratitude alive and well!

Yes. Good idea!

Yep have to agree with you, you are rich beyond measure..100 lbs of clothes some people don't have two sets. I remember going to China just after their earthquake. Due to the one child policy many families have lost their next generation or their past generation. <br />
I am a grandmommy of 4 nearly 5 gorgeous grandbabies..and let me tell you I was held in awe as grandparents cried from the loss of their grandbabies or children. I came home richer han any amount of money can give. <br />
We have so much to be thankful everyday! It changes the whine to spine! Backbone to get up and face the day with conviction and joy. Have fun sorting the clothes...

Most things are just a matter of perspective, aren't they? Having an attitude of gratitude for all we are blessed with is the best way to turn the curve balls into home runs.

perspectrive...good word...perhaps the key to happiness

Could not agree more. Most of us in the developed world have more than the vast majority of the global population can only dream about. Be content, enjoy what you have and be thankful. The pursuit of so called happiness or celebrity through the monumental greed and acquisitiveness that so dominates everything in our society is ultimately pointless. You can not take it with you.

This is beautiful! You have a wonderful outlook. It is easy to become mired in a 'poor me' fr<x>ame of mind when the problems start piling up. But as you have so eloquently illustrated, the secret is in looking beyond ourselves to those who have it so much worse. If we are honest with ourselves, it shouldn't take much thought to come up with a list of things to be thankful for. Thank you for sharing your story. :)

Thanks for your comments. It has innocently turned into a quest for patience and endurance...still not fixed although rumor has it that tomorrow is the big day!

When I first read your headline, my first inclination was that you need to make your closet and probably the rest of your house more earthquake proof!

You mad my day! :)

thank you for the story. It actually woke me up this morning as I sit here depressed that I can't find a boyfriend. How silly is that? I have two great kids and a great family and friends and live in a great country and have a good job. There are people rigjht at this moment living some kind of nightmare while I sit here complaining about trivialities. Thanks. I'm awake now and I don't need men anyway :)

Well said, my friend!<br />
It's easy to despair when one gets into a run of mishaps such as you describe. It's sobering to watch the news, read the paper and see the horrific catastrophes that some people have to endure.<br />
<br />
I had a day of calamities recently - beginning when I knocked over my mug, containing a very small amount of coffee. It was amazing how far that small amount spread - making its way unerringly toward the newspaper and the two letters I had laid out ready to write my replies.<br />
From there on, the day became a sequence of one mishap after another - finishing with the door of the cupboard above my wardrobe, swinging open unnoticed. When I straightened up from putting a jumper back into the basket in the bottom of the wardrobe, I cracked the crown of my head on the lower corner of the cupboard door! My language is not to be repeated in a polite forum.....!<br />
So, I took myself off to bed, feeling that life was most unfair. And then my bedside radio delivered the news of the latest earthquake in Turkey - so soon after the previous quake. <br />
As I listened, I felt ashamed of my own railing against my calamitous day.<br />
It's good to take time out occasionally to focus beyond one's own concerns, to realise how trivial they are by comparison with what so many people the world over have to contend with.

A sympathetic "ouch" on the cupboard attack! Thanks for your input.

Clothes are part of your personality. If you dont use certain things often, ie leave them at the bottom of the pile, you will get bored with them.Try a colour day plan Red for one day . green for another. try a jeans day, a dress day , ect That way all you have will get used and seen by others. That way you wont use the same things most of the time.That way the closet will not be a boring place, but a place of " Magic " You have been correct in trying to see what things really matter.That you could see the " FUNNY " side of what happened, was a good sign that you are not ego bound. A balance must be required. Reading of sad things cam make people feel gloomy, but sometimes it can make a person do something like charity work.or arrange flowers in a church.Change can be good.

What a wonderful story. We in the affluent west should thank the universe everyday that we are so lucky and rich in every way.. I nearly died in a car crash 12 years ago and when I am surrounded by negative people it takes an effort to remind myself that i have been given the opportunity to have another child and do lots of positive and wonderful things. Keep up the 'glass half full' attitude

Bravo! It is a singular person who takes time out from their own problems to note that so many in this world have REAL problems. We are indeed blessed and you are indeed a singular and probably a most empathetic person. Glad you are on planet earth.

Lovely story it deserves to go viral.

Love it. You make some good insights.