Time Was Running Out!

Life has been a very hard and long road for the last few years. Now I've started a new job and it's been the best thing that could have happened. I went through a divorce (sadly) 3 years ago, and in the process I lost everything. I mean EVERYTHING. My home, vehicles, clothes, personal papers and effects, even my deceased Father's Presidential Letter of Honor.

Then I supplicated at a previous job, and settled for about half of what I was making before. Between child support and living expenses I was down to living on less than a hundred dollars a week (over basic expenses) in Southern California. Since that happened, life has been very difficult. Health problems (mostly dental though I still have good teeth I had three molars that fillings from high school days had fallen out and they rotted). I finally got off the bus by taking a high rate car loan from a used scalper.

Well I was laid off in October, fortunately for me it was 2 weeks after I finished my masters program (which I had been working on for 8 years). I applied with some high end companies, and finally a fortune level media company took notice of me due to my Linux experience. They hired me as Director of IT, and I have been on the job for a few weeks.

I expected to get paid for the three days I was here in the last pay period. I cracked one of the bad molars in half two weeks ago with a misplaced bite, and I have been suffering since then, thinking it would be December 15th until I could get it fixed.

Well I got paid today from the new job, and it was a HUGE check. Full pay period plus a large sign on bonus! I know I know....money is not everything. But I was calling creditors begging for time, hiding from the auto finance company, name it. When the check hit my hands today, I felt more feelings of relief than I have in years gone by. YEARS and years!

Now I can get my children Christmas, get caught up on child support, get my truck payments caught up, get gas, food, rent, clothes.....*whew*

I am so thankful to the company for this opportunity, and to the good Lord for his words "Knock and the doors will be opened." For two and a half years now I have been banging in desperation on that door. I thought it was locked. That I was unwanted...

Thank you Father!

Faern Faern
36-40, M
3 Responses Nov 30, 2006

Life is full of hardships and i am so happy that you were able to make it through it and still be a positive person. My hat is off to you. Never forget where you came from just think about where you are going.

Your story made me cry a little through remembering this level of hardship and smile for you cos it all came good in the end. Sometimes, when life is so hard day after day, with no let up and you're eating the last potato in the cupboard because that really is all there is left, you worry about where you park your car incase it gets clamped as you can't afford the road tax, and if they cut off your gas, how will you cook that potato! You just have to remember that as bad as your life is (and it really can be that bad) it is not going to be your life FOREVER. Something will change and you just have to find the strength daily to get through it. If i loose the house, thank goodnes i still have the option of sleeping in the car, if i can't cook the potato, i will eat it raw. It won't be forever, one way or the other, it will change and you will look back on the hard times and be thankful it's over but remembering will help you appreciate what you have now. (and we were fortunate enough to be born on the good side of the ball we call earth)

your story really made me happy.<br />
sometimes it feels like bad things just keep on happening to good people, especially where money is concerned. i know how it feels to be hiding from the postman, afraid to answer the phone in case someone else is asking for money. but it sounds like somebody up there was looking out for you!