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I am so thankful for my two brothers. I don't talk to them much these days, my older brother is living away in college and studying too much to visit very often (he's going to be a pharmacist) and my younger brother is kind of the lost child living in our basement. Still, I'm so happy to have them in my life and know that they've lived and are living through the same stuff as me and they're okay. Both of them are so smart and determined, they love to learn and they want to be important and live a good life. I'm inspired by them and without them I feel like I'd be so much worse off.
My younger brother was recently in a boat accident, honestly stranded in the Gulf of Mexico for 10 hours. His temperature was only two degrees above the point where the average person his age would have had a seizure.
I'm so glad he's okay! Since then we've kind of talked more, I feel like he's more thankful too.
laelren laelren 18-21, F Mar 24, 2012

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