In the year 2000 I fell asleep at the wheel of my SUV and ran headlong into the support pillar of a bridge on the hiway at over 85 miles an hour!.  The SUV was thrown up into the air and completely flipped over and landed on its wheels...the engine was thrust into the front seat and it caught on seatbelt saved me from being thrown through the front windshield and killed !   I emerged miraculously from the experience completely unscathed!!!!

I had my cell phone thank GOD as there was no traffic passing by that was stopping for me (what were they afraid of?  Where was the "good samaritan?) I dialed 911 and got a dispatcher and told them where I was and soon the fire department and a paramedic team was there and they insisted that I go to the hospital to be checked out for internal injuries and I stubbornly agreed to.....I checked out at the ER with NO damages internal or the later part of 2005 my grandchild was born and I can only offer my prayers up each night to my GOD in JESUS'S name for giving me the gift of life to be able to share my grandson's life, as well as my daughter's as she is a single parent. Amen. And for this I AM THANKFUL!

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A sad note, on August 3, 2011 my grandson died in an automobile wreck in western Montana....guess that makes life a wonder and confusing issue of why him and not me? But I'm not angry at God, HE has HIS reasons and they will be known in the end when it is my time. I still have my ex-wife who is a dear and sweat friend of mine , my daughter and my granddaughter. I try to stay in touch with them everyday and talk to them and be a part of their lives

I am so happy that you are still with us and able to share this with us. Its great that you came out of this accident with no injuries and was around for your grandson's life. Continue to be positive.

Wow amazing story =)

I'm glad u r alive. Reminds me that i should never take life for granted 'cause i never know what can happen.