My Mom;

I Am Thankful For My Mom,
She has done so much for me and my older siblings. For a single mother to take care of three kids, I can't even imagine how much she has gone through. I was two when my father and my mother got a divorce. I was young enough to not really care..? So I grew up not really knowing what it was like to have a stable family. But my mom held up the tent for us. She did a pretty great job juggling her nursing and her three kids. I was two like I said, and my sister was seven, and my brother was twelve. It destroyed my sister. She started to become a Trichotillomania. What a trichotillomania is when a person has the urge to pull out hair. Any kind of hair on his or hers body. In her case she pulled out her eye brows. It is a stress thing. Some people eat. Some people smoke. She pulled out her hair. I don't really know what the divorce did to my brother. He doesn't really share that kind of stuff with me or my sister.

My father decided to run off to California and get Becky pregnant with my half brother Christian then got married to her. She was twenty when they got married, and she was eighteen when she got pregnant. My dad claims that Christian isn't his 'real kid'.. But honestly I see my father in him more than I see Becky at all. Becky is a total *****. Like, you have a straight up evil step mother right there. Instead of gaining my love she bought it instead. She bought me everything and anything I wanted. I took advantage of this of course. I'm not stupid, I can tell the difference. Becky always HAD to be right, no matter what it was. Going into the marriage she was promised that my father was going to be taking care of her and giving her children. In other words she was going to a stay at mom. No, that is not how it went. With my dad who is very lazy and a huge pot head, he didn't go to college. He was a garbage-man/truck driver. So, Becky had go to college, she was younger and had more brains clearly. She became a nurse as well. So, if you haven't caught on to this just yet there relationship was ****. It was full of disappointments and lies. They were married for nine years, I'm guessing it lasted that long because they were scared to be alone..?

Back to my mom.. She has not only been a mother but also a father. My father has not once been here for me. Not once not ever. He is another reason to why I'm moving. He has filled my life with disappointments and laughter. That is about it. More disappointements than laughter. My mom has filled it up with Love, Laughter, Hope, Happiness, Fun, Joy. She has helped me grow into the person I want to be. I love her.
Who needs a dad when you can have a mom that can be a dad as well..?
KeniKiss KeniKiss
18-21, F
Sep 10, 2012