My Life

I am thankful for my life

I could write days and days of things I wanted but did not get or things or places I wanted to go to and did not get to

The real botton line is if God called me home tonight and ask me did I have a good life I would say no I had a great life

I got to talk to movie stars one on one just them and me no one else...I came home from the Army in times of war without a scratch...I had a good job for 35 years and left the company....I got to go to alot of big games and when I did not have a ticket I would some how get one (One game there was one ticket left and I got it...another there were 2 left and my friend and I each got one)

You get the idea I had a good life!!!

Ticklor Ticklor
61-65, M
Nov 26, 2012