I am Fortunate in...

I am fortunate in many ways that I don't acknowledge enough.  I eat well, live in an air-conditioned abode, have a family, am not directly threatened by violence, and just generally have an easy life compared to many people around the world.  Though I do think that just b/c we Americans are materially satisfied, it does not mean we are as happy as the rest of the world.  Many people who are poor by our standards live happier lives.  We are distant and impersonal in many ways which I believe creates or exacerbates many of our mental illnesses. 

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A good story and good comments.We do become weighted down by possessions. The more you have, the more time money and energy it takes to sustain it all.

'Less stuff, more freedom, more happiness'<br />
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i totally agree

As I get older, I tend to think that material stuff gets in the way of happiness. The stuff ends up becoming an obligation and burden. Less stuff, more freedom, more happiness.<br />
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Sure you need to meet your basic needs, but beyond that, more possessions are a drain on your happiness.

Thanks maureen...I hadn't seen this story since I wrote it....you are right that it's not just material but it has grown into something larger.

Nicely put. I totally agree. i think we are getting beyond just being material. i think a lot of our youth would not be here today if they had to go without certain luxuries. That's a sad state we got ourselves into.I believe like you that countries that live more simply have more fulfilled,contented lives.Much less mental illness inspired by stress.

you are so right pressure form the world to be this, have that,get more, look like this, nothing is enough, and prople are not happier for it, they don't appreciate the things that really matter, health, family, friendships, relationships,being kind to one another... to sad