Had to Say It Before Going to Sleep!

I think being grateful  is more of an attitude than a statement simply because they are many out there that just pay attention to what they "dont have"

To me is like being blind "you can feel it becuase you cannot see it or describe it !

In my position , i am grateful that i left my native country to come live in the U.S !

I am grateful that my parents never separated and my sister has always helped me !

Im grateful for my little but precious possesions !

Grateful that i dont have a deadly or contagious disease !

For the small but higly supportive group of people in my life !


The magical and not so hurtful moments of my childhood !

The bad times that brought me good lessons !

The money on my bank account !

The college education im getting !

All the free time on this world to research and do whatever i want !

The people i never got into a relationship (toxic , toxic)

And everything else that will make feel grateful again!

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1 Response Mar 1, 2009

I really like and agree with all that you've written.<br />
We all have so much to be thankful for.<br />
Have a happy day!