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I Am Thankful because i survived a bad relationship... and despite of all the emotional and mental stress, it made me a better person... i grew because of what i've experienced. i began to look at things positively... ive learned to set priorities... and most of all, I'VE NEVER BEEN MORE FAITHFUL TO GOD
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2 Responses Feb 6, 2007

Me too. I am thankful I have survived a tumultous marriage, which despite all efforts ended, and still being a woman, out of the work force then having to settle for a job that separated me from my much loved daughters, boy have I survived serious threat. And I must give God all the credit, for He has been so faithful,and He has continually delivered me from impossible situations. Today I am alive because of the one true God being real in my life, and personally interacting with me, and through studying His incredible Word. My hardship is still not over. I am still in a wilderness that only He can bring me out of, but He keeps me, and I keep following obediently.THrough the suffering I will be refined, and I will be as "gold". His love is real!

Nice that you came out of this with a positive attitude.