So Glad I'm Alive

i am a mom,wife,mother. i have two grand babies i haven't seen in a long time. my oldest daughter lives in youngest daughter lives with us-she is going on41@ it was discovered she has basial gangula syndrome. it is simular to huntingtons chorea. she is requiring more and more care,it some things are speeding up and other parts of the disease are slowing down. so now that i'v said my piece. it would be nice to hear something funny once in a while.oh!now i finally found a wonderful husband-every day something will make me smile or laugh. when my child smiles the sun shines inside my heart. my wonderful husband,trust me the men like him are really rare, i'm truly blessed
lgl lgl
66-70, F
1 Response Feb 12, 2007

It is great you found a good husband. Last year by brother got clipped in the left butt cheek by a scared baby calf. lol, got him good. His butt was bruised, lol. Is that funny enough to make your day better?