On My Own For Those I Love

I am the youngest by 10 years to my sister and brother.  Some how the responsibility came down to me; to be with my Mom while she was struggling Thur cancer and eventually passing. 

Next was my brother, 15 years older then I.  I never realized to I cleaned out his place he never wore underwear!  Heavens forbid I buried him in underwear!! 

Please don't misunderstand me...I am not complaining but just wondering why the "baby", the one who was always protected by their parents and siblings is now the one putting them to rest? 

Do you ever feel like as the ones you love as your family grow old and you as the youngest are the one to be there?  I am honored to be in that position, for who else could fill those shoes?   Within the last 3 weeks I have assisted my sister in the unexpected death of her husband.  she is now a widow at the age of 65.  That is tough....think about it.....30 years and then gone.  At least, I the baby of the family ~ the one most ill prepared was the pillow, the comforter that supported my sister and helped her gain closure.  I know this sounds like I am tooting my horn....but just want to let everyone know who is walking in these same shoes...you are not alone.

Life teaches us everyday....we just have to be listening.


SheisTheOne SheisTheOne
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1 Response Jul 20, 2010

Yes the lessons are there, oddly I have been told not only because we need the lesson, but because we ask for it to be given to us (the lesson, not necessarily the way the lesson arrives). I am happy you shared something so personal to give a lesson on listening. It is one I needed reenforced today, this week.<br />
Also, my deepest prayers go out to you and all you love, death teaches very personal lessons, Smiles to your hugs.