I am the youngest in my family and I hate it. Every time there is a serious conversation going on, I am shooed out of the room. I am 20 years old, I am not a child, I can take part in a serious conversation too. I am the most responsible person in my family and the smartest and everybody expects the most out of me. But it's pathetic that I am shooed out of the room for serious conversations. Meh.

sweetie1989 sweetie1989
3 Responses Mar 13, 2009

Literally just happened to me. We're the same age. Im the only one who made it to college. Im pre med, and very observant and tactful, yet all I seem to do is refill chip dishes during family meetings

I agree and I have heard that it will never end...and im just 26 (sigh)

If my experience rings true, this will never end. I'm 53 and still experience this kind of attitude from my sibs. I could see it if I weren't a responsible adult, but I have been for a very long time. The way I see it, it's their loss.