The Boyfriend Experience

As anyone who has read my stories knows that I was in a long term relationship with a couple. It worked because I (at the risk of sounding narcissistic) provided the wife with "The boyfriend experience". I knew she enjoyed having someone to flirt with and was a romantic at heart. I made it a point to call her every once in a while to see how her day was going. She really loved it when she would get a card from me when I was out of town. Because we were discrete and they had teenagers, I also had developed a relationship with her husband. There were days when I would stop by, he would answer the door and say something like the kids are over some friends house. I'd walk in and she might be in the kitchen doing dishes and I would come up behind her and press up against her and kiss her on the neck. She shriek and turn around and we kiss for a few minutes, while her husband either stood and just watched or go be the lookout for the kids. She loved long soulful kisses and I was too happy to oblige her. After our kiss sometime we'd all just conversate about whatever, or sometimes me and her hubby would head out to the garage to talk about cars. Yeah sex was always the ultimate driving force behind our relationship, but it wasn't the only thing.
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We have a friend who started with just giving my wife his good hard nine inch **** as much as she wanted. No teenagers for us, but he and I just became really good friends. He comes to Sunday dinners sometimes and we go to basketball games together. Of all the men my wife has ******, I think he is the only one she has real feelings for and it is understandable given the time we all have spent together.

Sounds like a great relationship. I'm sure it made her happy, at no risk to her marriage; and I suspect it enhanced the sexual relationship between the wife and her husband. Did he ever watch you **** his wife? Did you talk to him how it felt to **** her?

Oh yeah most of the time he'd leave the room while I'd **** her. Sometimes I'd close the door and sometimes I'd leave it cracked so he could look through it. Every once in awhile he would join us. I'd nail her doggie style while she would suck him. Fun was had by all. Sighhh I miss those days.

You and I had different roles and experiences, but I miss those days, too.