Creative is about taking turd  and making it into Merd.  To be great at that you have  to enjoy your own ****, enough to see its potential.
Can one judge the shine on one's own  ****.  No I fear that glitter must sparkle in the eyes of an audience, meaning
I am to be judged by  Non-creative, couch potatoes who love to think and talk about Brad Pit and his wife,
what's her name with the Botox lips? Or worse -hockey.
Of course there are also paid  Critics who judge for those who can't.  One of their appovals is worth
one thousands  couch potatoe approvals.  There power is enormous but their judgement is often fatal.
While some creative genuise's works, IE: Mel Brooks and Thomas Beckett managed to succeed in spite of horendous reviews,
many  creativite and talented people did  not survive the critic.
In summary. I am the best and greatest creative writer in this Galaxy. Go prove me wrong.
OK  I think Lary David is pretty good too.  And so are about thirty  fourty, maybe one hundred other writers. And all those new kids in the 
taking second city improv classes. And all those great advertising copy writer crazy bastard are probably all better than me.
OK I am not the world's greatest. Writer.
but I am a gutsy one.
No ****.

OKook OKook
Jul 23, 2010