Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare

well it all started out as a normal friday all i was doing was siting around hanging out with my friends and see what was on t.v. when my buddies like lets play call of duty 4 modern warfare i was like ok whats it like iv never played it before he was like its prety good if you like shooting games and stuff like that so we poped it into my xbox 360 and we started to play it i did really bad case i use to have a problem when i would play video games i would get really upset and not concetarte i would cuse and haler and then my buddy was like put the controler down this is rediculas you need to calm down and learn to control your self i was like how can i do that i get so darn frustrated i cant see stright thats have your problem then he siad you need to just sit down breath and count to ten then we will talk and will i was doing the breathing i started to calm down then after i got done counting to ten he was like now how do you reacte when you get killed on the game i was like both frutrated and anoyed well he said thats about to change you just need to breath when you play and look at it as a game not something you have to win but something you are just trying to enjoy so i sit down and turn on the xbox 360 again login to xbox live and sit down and start to play i tell my self before i play there is nothing to worry about just sit here and play this game and do your best i mean theres nothing to get a pessy about so i get down to bussiness and started playing actally really good my buddy was impressed he was like so look what you did you got on top with like a kd spread of 12 thats prety good for a noob at call of duty 4 i was like thanks whant to play he was like no i want you to keep this game over night and use this new talant against them so i walked him out and gave him are secrite hand shake and he drove of to his house right down the street from where i live i went back to playing and you wont beleive what happens next i start analating online and making new friends and every buddy was talking to me and hangging out when all of a sudden these guys from a clan called TNEI came up to me and said we are looking for a new clan member to play call of duty 4 modern warfare  and we are going to hang back on this game and see how yall do so we were like ok and the friend i forgot to mention is this guy from the army and he plays xbox live with me his online account name is that01guy and hes pretty good to see we start playing but i did not do very well so they were like man yall guys suck i was like ow ha well lets just see how i do on this level becuse that other one is not really all that great so we go to ship port its this level where you are on a ship with those big metal containers every where any way i just blew there mind i took the p-90 out and opened a can on every one then they were like man you just blew are minds you did ten times better then you did on the other match and i was like thanks guys i appretaite that and they were like we are going to go over the videos to see who we want to go onto the qulifying tornament and i was like cool see ya then i was watching them leave and i was like who where those guys man there a little wird that01guy was like ya there out there all right then we played about 2 more games when i got a message from some one who wasnt my freind then i noticed it was those clan dudes and they invited me to the tornament and i went and he was like you few in front of me are about to compet in about 25 matches to find out who will bet racrutied into are clan there where about eight people they so we where like aright lets do this so me and that one guy were playing a two on two match bettween us and these little kids who thught that they where all that so i was like bring it so we got the game under way it was some map it had a statue in the middle and a bilding was around it then there was alys and a gate and out side areas to run around in so we got the match under way at first they were stomping the crap out of us coming from behind and geting us with gernads they were doing every thing they could to get us to lose but i was not just going to lye down and die like that i was like come on that01guy lets guy stomp these noobs even thogh my slef i was a noob we came out on top it was like 750 to 650 we came back hard agains them it was a amazing match you had to see it to bileve it  it would have blown your socks of so we go onto the next match at this point they were like instead of having so many matchs lets just settle this with and old fashion elimination challenge we are going to start a free-for-all and see who comes on top at this point i was freaking out so i did my breathing and the match began i just went all out on them i did not stay in one palce for more than a few seceonds i was just blazing them good i was on a roll i could not bleive what i was doing over just some breathing and a little will power and i was on my way i won it 30 kills and 12 deaths the whole inter time i was playing they where all focused on me in the end it was a onevsone monemon to bad my new friend that01guy did not make the cut unfortanitly so he had to leave with the rest of the other loser's of the tornament so it was me against this wast21 guy so i was like bring it i did my breathing like always and i beat him down good 30 kills and 5 deaths it was amazing in the end they gave us both a sponsership in the end me and wast21 were in TNEI what that means is the never ending infoerno and thats how i went from a zero to a player just like that not a single person i have went against ever again called me a noob well thats a rap wooo thanks for reading

P.S. if you think this story is fules then here is my gamers account for xbox live baconman007 dont capatalize no letters

reesethebeast reesethebeast
22-25, M
Mar 26, 2009