Black Sheep Girl

Having both parents who were mentally I'll, I was an abused and traumatized child who grew up having learning disabilities also. I was for the most part everybodys scapegoat and punching bag. Fortunately an older sibling taught me how to protect myself and every day was a fight for survival , not a family but a bunch of people who didn't care about each other. I got somewhat of a break when I went to live with my aunt and her family is when I got to see what a normal family was like. I couldn't wait to be with them in the summer and hated having to go back to my parents for school. My aunt tried to adopt me even though she had four of her own children. That's how great she was, but my dad interfered because he wouldn't admit to failure, and it never happened. I ran away several times until I finally was old enough to join the military. Now I'm grown have children and grandchildren, yet my siblings ignore me as if I'm the same failure of a child I was called then. Whenever family members visit they NEVER call me to join them. It's as if me and my husband don't exist. So I'm fed up with their crap and am going to write a letter to them since they don't HEAR what I have to say. Here's an example of how insensitive they are: my niece had a child and did they call with the good news? NO they posted it on facebook. I'm sooo over bring overlooked that I've decided to stop calling ( I always did the calling before) and move on. I could really use some nice people who are caring friends right now. My husband has the same problem with his family. What's up with that?
Gitrgrl61 Gitrgrl61
46-50, F
Aug 1, 2010