My Coat Is Of Black Cotton

ever since i was a young boy, i have been different.
i was the red headed step child, the dumb one, emotional and had a mouth that slurred. i am the only left handed one in my family. i am the middle child. i could never quite tell you what was on my mind. i often looked at my brothers in envy. their coats were white. mine was gray. over time it darkened with the night.

i am different, the black sheep in my family. but now i see, doesn't look too bad C:
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5 Responses Mar 28, 2011

You're freaking awesome! Listen, go look up "Kane" a literary hero by Karl Edward Wagner, great writer.<br />
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You're a mythic demi-god assassin reborn, just tell yourself that. If nothing else, you're the Egyptian god Set. How about that? Does it occur to you that sometimes the BLACK SHEEP is an omen, good or bad, it signifies something important. You could mean something, and if you have any power do good with it then.

Very eloquently put. You are in good company.

you are very lucky , i had the same trouble and tried to conform ,lol somewhat , but now i understand that being different even though a middle child, i am a leader. Congrats you found it faster than i :)

yes, but if we were all black sheep we'd all be the same again! lol ... I do see what you mean tho ... perhaps we should all be spotted or striped sheep ... keep things interesting!!

Dare to be different! Who wants to be the same as everyone else? When we're very young we often want to fade into the crowd and not to stand out as different, but the brave soon learn that being different is more fun! We do learn to deal with what we are given, but by making it your own you can be proud of what you have and who you are!