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I Now Have Peace With Myself

I didnt know who I was. I blocked out and thought strangely about my family because I didn't want to be there. I didnt want to accept the things I couldnt change. My whole Life I wanted to understand who I was; It was my biggest fear not to..
Tonight, 21 years down the road...I've come to understand I wasn't meant for my family. My father came from far away lands and met my mother. I can't claim I was an accident. I can claim however, Im done being angry and hateful.
beatuptruck25 beatuptruck25 18-21 1 Response Jun 8, 2011

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good for you !<br />
<br />
as for me, i came from a family of black sheep, so my actions did not seem so wrong, but once i realized that i was one of the black sheep too, it made so much sense as to why, why my actions were doomed to repeat what my mother and father did, they always say history repeats itself, and i'll be dammed if it didn't almost happen to me, i have since forgiven my deceased father and mother, and i now make positive difference in my families life now, so, again, i understand and offer my congrats