The Middle Child

Bear with me folks, it's one of those "mood" days.  Get out of my way, those trying to stop me!

Always the compliant person, I have politely allowed people to attempt to convince me to adjust my moral patterns, my thought patterns, my whole ****ing lifestyle.  I woke up this morning and slapped my feet on the floor and determined that I am going to come out of the closet and just be me.  Its obvious that some of those whom I care about really don't care about who I am or what I think or what I believe (thankfully they aren't here at EP).  So, I am just going to jump into the water here and be myself.  I am so SICK AND TIRED of listening to others dictate their belief system.  Tired of people condemning others for past actions when they have served their time for their crime and now are condemned forever in this society to wear the scarlet letter.  I am horrified over this.  It has been a lesson for me in my own personal judgement calls on people and my eyes have become more open to forgiving others (remember, you don't have to forget, but you do have to move on). 

Gee this didn't say anything I wanted it to say...oh well, here it is anyway! 
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4 Responses Nov 7, 2011

Each day I am more and more intrigued by you.

I heard a lot, over and over again, on how the middle child was always the problem child. Nothing I said would stop it. I became physically ill because it upset me so much and I couldn't make it stop. It was a constant reminder of how much my mother didn't like me. One day, after hearing this yet again, with a straight face, I looked my mother in the eye and said "May I point out that YOU are your father's middle child?" I haven't heard it since.

Well You got your point across to me. I will be sure to give you a little leeway. I hate it when My big feet are in the way and someone trips over my toes. I don't wear shoes here unless I have to. So There you go, I'm leaving you lots of room., LOL Be yourself, my friend. The only way to be.

Hi Ksparrow, I know the feeling trying to say what's on your mind and something different comes out. I am also one of five children (2nd in line) introvert, shy, quiet. Call it what you like. That's the labels I'm stuck with and almost believe too. The eldest and the youngest are the favourites and very opinionated. Us middle of the roadies somewhere from quiet to talkative. It really depends with who we talk. I'm rambling. But I do understand what you say. I have up to this point in life be dictated how, what, when, who, as if I did not have a mind of my own. I am just a nice person, a softie, a sucker for listening to their advice. I promise you I found more troubles listening to them. I also now have decided to listen to myself. If I make a mistake, then it is my mistake. I cannot blame anyone but myself. And it's ok. I am definitely more forgiving and kind than them.