I Am Ugly.

I can say that I am the ugliest member of my family. Not terribly ugly, but not good looking either. I feel really bad about that. i've never had a girl friend because the girls that like me, I dont like back. And I dont want to be with a girl just for the fun of it. I am really smart, and have accomplished so much for myself in my short 19 years. I feel extremely proud of myself. It jsut doesn;t seem to be enough for my friends and acquanteces. I am not muscular, I don't have the most popularity at school and I know for a fact that it's my looks. No matter how hard I try to dress nicely, and be the friendliest I can be, people dont seem to look under my surface. They would prefer to invite a handsome but rude person to a party, than me, a respectable ugly person.
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Sometimes we try to force ourselves on people with acts that aren't naturally who we are. (The real smart guy, the real nice guy, the overly romantic guy, i.e.) Stop looking for approval and let things happen as they might or might not. I'm older and trust me...sometimes its not always you or what you look like. Society tends to appreciate bs these days. I've seen plenty of attractive girls/guys get over looked because they didn't run with the bad crowd. Being bad is the new good...which sucks for those that don't follow stupid behavioral trends. Keep in mind, I've been in that situation most of my life, but I figured out...ppl enjoy fake friends more than real friends. Yea, it sucks to not be able to play that role, but who needs fake friends anyway?

I kind of know what that is like. All the girls I was ever interested in being with during my school years wanted nothing to do with me and I am very sure it's because of how I look. I've never had problems with family like what you are talking about and I was at least able to make a couple of friends, but I think that is mostly because I was good at making people at my school laugh. The only people I've been able to think of as best friends would be some of my cousins and a guy I have been friends with since I was 5. <br />
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But there have been lots of times that I had wished I could look like some of the other guys in my school just so girls would actually pay attention to me.

yes im the same!! i have friends and girl friends that are very beautiful, just that they always seen me as more of a friend. I dont understand, I think most of them now I would be the ideal boyfriend (I could be), but my looks, i guess dont really help, i mean i dress really nice, i dont know whats wrong

Ok, just to tell you something hon, be proud of who you are. You may not see the advantage to this right now, but in your future you will. Accomplish all that you can, settle for getting to know one of those girls you don't like for superficial reasons, maybe, and you may be surprised. Get a hobby, join a group, find things you enjoy to take up your time. Your happiness will radiate from inside you, and your charm will be contagious because you will be happy within yourself.

yes! thanks for ur kind words of encouragement! :D

I don't know what you look like. but you are right that in your age group, people are very focused on looks and the ability to schmooze. actually, they seem to still be focused on all that superficial stuff when they get to be MY age.

hopefully I can do something about my relationship with girls,

I hope so too