Out Of Poverty And Not Main Stream Either

I'm one of those people that grew up in trailer parks mostly. I detest the mentality, the lifestyle of most of the people I grew up around, and as my neutral family now lives off of the government, most of them, I aim to continue to go after living a greater life. There are some poor people that do find contentment and happiness, but that's just mostly a stereotype. Poor does not mean content and happy. My goal is to live a different life, a normal life. I'm not main stream either as I have found that a lot of the people that complain the most about how life sucks are my middle class friends who had it all growing up, and still think they have it bad. I aim to continue doing what I'm doing with my online endeavors in business to help people find creative freedom in their art and passions. I'm also not close at all to my extended family, middle class, because our ideas do not jive. They tell me to 'get a good job'! But there's more security in becoming an independent entrepreneur making money off of websites than working my *** off for some dickhead boss.
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Thanks Emily, and wow, you've been 'programmed'. It's so true we've been programmed for sure to believe in things that just don't apply in the new economy.

io was becasue i was placed there<br />
i left home early and was given a home by a friends mother that love me and i loved her like a mother and i loved her daughter very much and tio her death we never stopped loving each other<br />
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i leanred many things form my wifes mother and her grandparents<br />
whilei only have the things from the past i still love them all<br />
rst of family has nothing and i just have my toys<br />
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but that is ok love speed be it cars or bikes and i make the moneto be able to but them

what you are doing is really cool. i have also heard that there is more security in being an entrepreneur. this is something i am trying to do too, but it is scary because i have been so programmed to believe in the security of being employed by someone else.