My Family Doesn't Respect Me

All my life iv'e been called dumb and a "dut" by my family. My family's all really loud and Outspoken and I'm the opposite. They all laugh when I try to contribute to conversations. It's hell. I am smart and I am important. I have worked extra hard in school all my life and noone seems to notice. I realize it could be worse but I wish I could be rescued by a family who cares about me. I just don't know how much longer I can take these paople who are supposed to be my "family".
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4 Responses Mar 31, 2012

I'm in the same situation. So much so, I have no one to talk to right now, so I'm writing it all down, right now. I feel like everyone resents me because I earned my degree. Most days I'm not taken seriously, yet I take them seriously. I even give them advice and they cut me down by rolling their eyes or telling me that I think I'm better b/c I have a degree. I think such remarks are odd b/c I don't ever talk about my schooling. Then I get depressed , then my family makes fun of me, then it drives me into extreme loneliness where I can't speak my own feelings... I'm not allowed my feelings in this home... But I've come up with the resolve that I will move out and get my own place and feel strong and happy again. I hope the same for you. :)

I had the same need to just live your life and let go of people that aren't possitive and loving to you. You can't keep drinking poision and not die from it. Think of your heart and protect it. Hang in there. If you feel safe and think you can talk to them about everything than try that before make any decissions.

And you're supposed to get a word in how? With this much noise, is anything important being said? This is why I ended up talking to myself. I was also quite satisfied to get in a sentence once in a while; the satisfying part was that I usually left 'em speechless. Yep, when you're basically ignored just because you're quiet, you tend to go for the shock value. Before I got to that point tho - I heard complaints that I muttered, talked too fast or talked too low; I was ridiculed and told to not bother saying anything.

Wow, that's really hard, having your family treat you that. I wish this time I could say I can relate to that, but I really can't. Having them treat you that way is really unacceptable. The only thing that I could recommend is that you need to find a place where you can get away, whether it's something that you do or people you can trust. It would probably make dealing with your family easier if you can have that place to yourself. Of corse, I can always be there for you :)