Why Do Parents Have Favourites

i am 27 years old and was born in a family where i felt like i was not wanted.Its true i had my share of being troublesome,doesn't every kid.
i often would explore things because of my creative mind..boy was i bad in the eyes of my parents...well my mother mostly cuz my father was always
busy working.I am the middle child of three.and my complexion was different and so was my built.i often was laughed at and accused of being the son
of another man.well my brothers would often win the eyes of the women.I never stood a chance,and on top of that i had big feet and was born with a
belly button hernia.that gave me a low self esteem.well my mother often made me know that i was different by tell me stuff like..if my nose had a bridge...
i would be nice.and when ever something was missing she would blame me.i grew up and still i feel no love from her..she won't ever admit that
she love's me .can't say it face to face.there is so much more things to tell....but i will stop here.
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You might try reading the book "The Gifted Child". There is a least one chapter on the dynamics in a family unit where a parent has a favorite. The thing is, they may claim they don't play favorites, but the only person they're fooling is themselves. I am the middle child of three and the only girl. My mother still likes to tell me that no one could stand me because I was so unpleasant. While I know this isn't true (SHE didn't like me), it's so ingrained in me that I reject most people as friends because deep down I worry that it might be true and don't want to be rejected.

I'm not a parent so I can't tell you why they have favorites. <br />
I knew from an early age that my parents and I didn't see "eye to eye" and quite frankly I wasn't going to change who I was for them.<br />
I figured out that I can find people who care about me and like me for who I am even if they aren't in my family. <br />
Just because you aren't your parent's favorite doesn't mean that you need to totally ostracize yourself.

My personal favourite. Greed and favourtism (sp?) Can't do anything right and complete outcast from everyone. Why bother? I don't fight because I don't believe in forcing you to like me. Well it's almost been 10 years since any family has talked to me. The days go by and so do the years. Nobody cares. I'm just a lonely soul in a world full of people.