Am I A Lame Person?, An Outcast?

Im a normal guy, i have an adequate number of friends that i could say i could rely on, but this one time it got me thinking as one day i started to add a bunch of random mutual friends of mine of facebook, just to make my self look cool and gain some reputation. But in all of a sudden i thought, why am i doing this? I mean i dont mind not having alot of friends but also at the same time kinda feels wrong not to, i ALWAYS feel like as if every single one of the people i know is having fun, having the time of their lives out there , yet im in my room all day just doing normal stuff like studying for instance , while my friends are doing it in a group im here blank and bored. Some people recommended working out, I have! for 4 years now , it doesnt make that much of a difference at all. My sisters said it was hormone imbalance, but i refuse to believe otherwise , because i feel like this almost every week , i cant be having an imbalance that frequent. So now i just lost my source of faith , or believe especially in myself. So now im blunt and dont know what to do. Im in a desperate position right now. So what should i do? Improve myself or just try to make it right by fitting in crowds and all etc.
Decentme Decentme
13-15, M
May 11, 2012