Always Different

i am the black sheep in my family. i am the only one with red hair and i am taller than my sisters and my mom. i am the youngest with two sisters and one brother. i am the only one who doesn't wear glasses, and i am a tom boy while my sisters are really girly. i always get the hand-me-downs which i only wear my brothers cause i hate my sisters' clothes. i am slightly over weight while they are all skinny, i am the only one who has never been absent from school. i have no prejudice against any religion or skin type while my whole family is racist. i love to read while they want to watch t.v. they love to be the center of attention while i am shy and i would rather be alone or with a couple of close friends. they are against gays when i think if you love someone gender shouldn't matter. i feel so different from them in every way, are or were popular in school when i like to keep to my self with the unpopular kids. my sisters like to have lots of boyfriends when all i want is one guy who likes me for me and doesn't want me to change. i don't even really fit in with my cousin, aunts, or uncles. i am the only one who can't stand the heat and who loves winter. i am mostly ignored by my parents who think that i have no problems and can take care of my self. i wish i didn't look or feel so different, but i am always the black sheep in my family. :
darkness101 darkness101
18-21, F
May 13, 2012

Switched at birth? (sigh) probably not, but it was always a dream of mine.

sometimes it is like i am switched at birth, or adopted because i am nothing like my family, we barley even look a like...