I am not saying I had a bad childhood. I am graduating high school in five days, and I know that there will be plenty of hardships to come. The real question is...do I want to spend them with my family or with people who really care? My mom and dad are both 57 years old. My mom got married at 19 because her mom made her believe that she was stupid and would never suceed at anything else other than being a stay at home mom.
My mom hates her life. She loved me. Both my parents did...and then I reached the dog stage. (When a puppy comes home for the first time its cute and cuddly, but when it gets older and becomes a dog...it can end up abandoned because its no longer a cute little puppy).
This is not another teenage "Personal Fable" of psychology with the whole No one understands me crap. Believe me, I have used that excuse for the past two years saying that it'll get better. They'll stop acting this way.
And then my mom told me that she had almost aborted me. She had found that she was 39 and pregnant and had almost aborted me. I grew up knowing that I was a surprise. I also grew up a Christian. I figured that that meant I was meant to be here and that I was a gift from God. When she told me that she didn't abort me because she had nightmares about this little girl begging her not to...I heard Tim Tebow's story from a commercial on TV. I thought "That's awesome! One day I'm gonna make it as a singer-songwriter because God has this special plan for me...just like Tim Tebow."
Then my mom told me that she was going to divorce my dad and get a better life and go to school when she found out she was pregnant with me.
Also known as: You ruined my life. You owe me.

I don't know if I want to maintain contact with my family after I move out because they don't support me, and they cut me down as often as they can. Even my siblings.
lettiebug lettiebug
May 21, 2012