I Would Rather Be Like A Zebra...

My family is close. Cant go a day without talking on the phone or visiting. Even Facebooking. Were a big family. There are five girls and three boys. I am literally the black zebra. Im the 6th child. Sucky number I know. Im the only '90s baby also.The kids before me are '80s and the three after me are 2000s or whatever. All my life Id been trying to figure out who I am. Ive followed my older siblings alot whetjer I like to admit it or not. Trying to find a clue of what my personality should be. Ive failed miserably. My parents dont understand me. My siblings manipulate me etc. I have tried everything to fit in with my own family. Then I realized I could just be myself. No pretending or copying of others. I could be my own self. And its really awesome. This whole time I was trying to be who im not and I wasnt getting anywhere. I guess I got tired of being compared to everyone. Im my own person now. And I am proud to say that I am a black Zebra!:)

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2 Responses May 23, 2012

I hope I can be like you..I'm having a hard time with my family cause my parents, especially my dad pushes me to be this person that is so far from who I really am. My siblings tell me to just follow what my parents like but I just can't.

I will. I'll try my best to be a zebra too. Thanks for the inspiration.

Cool story! Who is to tell you that you can't have stripes? Be yourself because when the end of the day rolls around the one who really counts is YOU, because you are the one that has to live with yourself not then...yes your in the same house, BUT you are the only one who can think what you think, if your trying to think what others want you to you will miss out on life, because you can never truly figure out what it is that they want you to do or think!<br />
I'm 3rd youngest in a family of 9 (1 younger brother and sister, 1 older sister and 4 older brothers) I kind of get the same feeling sometimes (not too the same degree as you probably because my older brothers/sisters are all over 30), I get the feeling of manipulation though, because I feel like I have to succeed where my older siblings and younger brother have failed... I don't know if my little sister will follow my examples or not... But I hope so because I don't think my dad could handle it if she where to step off the deep end too :/