I Say How I See It.

Yeah it may be true that a lot of my family went to college. They have really well paid jobs. However they act like they are picture  perfect. They do no wrong. Yeah that's why they fight over material possessions. I may not have gone to college or have a awesome job. At least when my parents fell ill I stopped fighting and grew up. I took care of them both. I tried to say to the rest of them not to fight life is to short. They just say who the hell are you to say that. I will say they have a point. I learned the hard way. Another thing I will do is say what I see. I won't sugarcoat nothing. Not even if it gets me in trouble. My father always said it take 3 lies to get out of the first one. Then you're not knowing the truth anymore. So since I didn't act all nice to someones face and then speak bad behind their back, They said I was a bad person. Yep, I will tell you I feel to your face. So I didn't really see much of my relatives growing up anyway. So when my parents died and they came around saying ''if you need anything let me know'' it just felt so fake. Back to my feelings on society. They will act a certain why to gain peoples approval. I will be me so you know who I am. So yeah I'm the black sheep of the family. And you know what I'm glad. Because if that is the way my family is I don't want to get to know them.
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I completely understand where you are coming from. I am known to be impolite at times to my mother, but it doesn't matter to me as long as i am straightforward and honest. If i try to talk about other things with one of my sisters, all she seems to want to do is go on lying about how mean mom is to her and how she hurts my sisters feelings at times, when i can see that mom is truely half and half (selfish and generous). I can never seem to get into a passionate conversation because they are full of fear, sometimes i feel like they are wearing masks both in the house and when they go outside

It's always important to be honest.