The Little Bed Wetting Black Sheep

That would be me, an outcast from the day I was born. My shameful habit of wetting my bed embarrassed my Parent's to no end. I was teased, scolded, & humiliated one way or another as long as I can remember.I wanted to be a boy scout but my Mom & Dad said the scouts don't want a bed wetter around. Scouts are not for babies, they said. I was 9 at the time. I also had many pantswetting incidents that angered my Parent's more than my bed wetting. My Dad was military and I was a big disappointment with my babyish ways.They tried to shame me out of it on many occasions but nothing worked. I still wet my bed every night & gave up trying to stay dry during the day so I am in diapers 24/7 and that's just the way it is.My Mom & Dad raised an Adult Baby.
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If u dont mind me asking, what happened? ..what caused this constant wetting of urself?

My Mother, and many others, were given a drug called DES to aid in the birth delivery. It has caused many people many problems including undersized genitalia.Many who were born male were surgically made female and most were never told. Women suffered tubal pregnancies and miscarraiges. My Sister had 3 of each. The use of the drug was discontinued in 1961. It is also the cause of my wetting issues.

Soundz like your mother duznt acknowledge her wrong doing & chooses the imature path of blaming u

My parents tried everything to get me dry at night and evenyually gave up and it just became accepted in our family that I wet the bed. I was dry at night at the end of my teens and in to my 20's but by my mid twenties I was wetting again more often than not. I am back to nightly wetting again now. I have long since accepted and embraced my bedwetting and doubt I'll ever be dry at night again.

think i was the balck sheep as my twin died and theyw anted a girl

@teenieG - Well, I hear what you're saying, and it's too bad that your parents didn't handle it in a more dignified manner (the diapers were ok, as a solution, but the shaming was not...). <br />
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I was also the black sheep of our family, but not for diapers or bedwetting. Rather, it was because I was a little thief until I was about 12 yrs old. Yes, the diapers were "going on in my head" from the earliest days (just after I was prematurely [I think] taken out of them), but they were just an undercurrent to the secrecy of stealing things, etc.<br />
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I could tell some stories about my thieving exploits, but if any of my siblings/cousins ever read them on any website, they'd probably know instantly it was me that was telling the story. Suffice it to say that I received many humiliations for my misdeeds, but I NEVER really thought I DID NOT didn't deserve them. I knew I DID. AAMOF, I might even have been inadvertently acting out JUST to get SOME attention (good or bad), even though my little brain never realized WHY I did what I did. In the background to all of this was a growing diaper fascination that was full-blown by the time I was 5, had sexualized by the time I was 12, and has never left my itty bitty brain ever since, nearly 55 yrs later...<br />
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Now, one clarification... From what you've written, it doesn't sound like your parents raised an "Adult Baby", but instead it seems like what they did was create a "Diaper Lover", if that's possible (I think it is), even if you veered over into Adult Babyhood on your own. By this I mean, whether or not you NOW need all of the full-blown baby gear (bottles, binkies, mittens, frillies, bonnets, etc.) is probably more of your own making than theirs, maybe being ba<x>sed on the sensations you felt being forced back into diapers, and your brain trying to round out that experience with other similar babyish items. Others of us got to the same love of diapers by methods other than adult humiliations, with some easing over into the AB side of things and others going striclty DL. Again, that's usually a choice that we seem to make on our own, finding the depth of the experience we feel comfortable with and using whatever it takes to get us there.<br />
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Just my thoughts....