Black Sheep...soon To Be Disowned.

I'm the middle kid. Older sister and younger brother are both similar looking and have similar interest. All throughout our childhood, they made fun of me for being odd or different. My parents are pakistani, and when it came to getting married, my parents arranged my sister's marriage..and now they are working on my brother.

I, on the other hand..found someone myself. Of course that was a NO go...and for 10 years I have fought to let me be. They have now threatened to disown me. All my family ever does is sit around and talk behind my back and then call me to yell at me and tell me that I'm a disgrace to the family and that I'm just a horrible person who is crazy and fell for love. As if it's a crime to love someone. I just was never the type to be set up with a stranger. More to this..the reason they can't stand it is because (1) I choose on my own and (2) they want me to force him (fiancee of mine) to convert to the religion my parents belong to.

Lots more to this drama...I remind myself everyday, that I'm a successful person and support myself fully. But there's still that bit of you that wants their approval. However, I have over the years come to the conclusion, that I will need to walk they have told me I will be disowned.
greenergrass0506 greenergrass0506
31-35, F
Jul 12, 2012