Every Family Has One

Tattoos, piercings and aspirations of a hippie like future. Not something my family encourages or understands. My mom is a catholic woman, very traditional in her ways. Dad is a business man. Sister is in school for commerce. The whole family is pretty stepfordy. Anything bad happens and parents find out? Swept under the rug. Nothing is ever talked about or shared. I'm a super open person, and I'm into letting life run it's course. If I feel something is being forced, I just don't do it. I like to be free with my life, but my family likes to be confined and constricted. I enjoy being care free and easy going, it's what I'm known as. So I embrace the black wool thrust upon me. Every family has a black sheep, and I don't mind that it's me.
Kippy214 Kippy214
18-21, F
Jul 23, 2012