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I'm Different From The Rest

I'm the 4th born in my family, I may share a few family traits and hobbies with some of my family members, but other then that, I feel like a rebel.

I was born with a brain defect making me the dumbest one in my family, making my father hate me for that since I'm his "first son" even though I was born that way and cant get it fixed.

I'm also the only person in my entire family thats uses my left hand as its dominate, the rest of family that were probably left handed in Nigeria were taught to use thier right hand.

Because 1) my mom tried teaching me to use my right hand more, 2) an old nigerian lady gave me the evil eye when I was eatting my food with my left hand (and I gladly gave her my evil look) and 3) one of my uncles tried to force me to eat with my right hand, only for my parents to tell him its not gonna work.

I'm also the shy person in the family I don't like to talk all the time and I have silent foot steps, making me able to sneak around places without a lot of my friends and family seeing me.

Because of that I have been given nicknames like ninja, the spy, the assassin, or the genius.Some times I feel like I was adopted even though I look just like my dad.

Elijahx Elijahx 18-21, M 1 Response Jul 30, 2012

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Such hard feelings on things you just can't change? Damn, your family is harsh :|

its mainly my dad's side of the family