I'm Actually The Black Sheep

I'm mixed my dad's side of the family is white (Spanish and Italian) and I'm the darkest out of them. I see right through the BS of their lies to try to keep the family together but they always exclude me in everything. They want peace but that will never happen because they secretly know the truth but they don't want to admit it or face it. The lie they are living is sad and they ignoring the facts..I see it clearly and they pretend to be oblivious...they make excuses so that their small world is not damaged...I'm ashamed of my family and they are ashamed of me...these people i don't consider family but those who help me all my life are true family, these people are disgusting to the point of nauseation.
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This is so sad and my heart breaks for you. There are so many "valid" reasons to dislike someone (picks nose in public; kicks small children and dogs; tells knock knock jokes; cares for no one but him/herself) that making such a decision based on skin color just tells you how STUPID the folks who do it are.
Unfortunately, we can not choose our family - but we can choose our friends. Choose friends who like you for you. Be happy and have a great life. Get educated and make more money than anyone else in the family and don't share! Last one is not true - embarrass the heck out of them by being kind helpful and respectful to them all - even though they have been HORRID to you.
I had no color problems in my experience - but I still did not much like who I was related to. I shopped at flea markets for old old family photos, put them in matching inexpensive frames - I painted the frames all alike - and hung the imaginary family on my walls. I got to smile at my totally imaginary family every day and enjoy the old photos - after a bit - none of my friends remembered that the pictures were not of my actual family! Gave me a big laugh whenever I passed them on the wall. Use famous people as parents and relatives. Make the family you want if you do not get the family you need. In reality, find the best friends on the planet and make them your family. Later in life, when many of your goals have been met - you will really enjoy your handpicked family.

been there and will always be there.i under stand.i was born and remain the big kid and yes,it never goes away as others pick up on it as we have the look.kick me.we don't stand tall and proud and the look ,others pick up on and some one down,lets keep em down as then they are powerful.bet you are cute.olive color is nice.

Who can argue with what you say?I respect you for having lived through this and seeing the truth of the matter.I can only say that in your situation I would do exactly as you say,count those who show kindness and help you as your true family.Best wishes.

I'm mixed too. My moms side is white. <br />
<br />
Because of her, stereotypes are so funny to me because she's the only white woman in my whole family and yet, she's the most untrustworthy, scandalous one out of all of us. She has shown me through her actions that stereotypes are a lot of "S". <br />
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She also treats my little sister maggie (who is also white... my stepdad is white and they made her) WAYYYYYY better then she's treated any of my other siblings. She probably won't steal my little sister ID, she probably won't hurt her like she hurt us.<br />
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It sucks because it's this subconscious or conscious disrespect that comes out in so many ways and causes issues that is why I feel like so many people pretend to be "all loving" like racism is just a part of the past but it is not. My experience and your experience in life are proof of that.<br />
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Thankfully, though, we have an opportunity to move away from the BS and find people, places and companies that DO love mixed and black people. They aren't everywhere... but they're out here.<br />
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