I'm The Black Sheep

Growing up, I knew I wasn't like everyone else, but we were still a close family. Then as I got older, everyone kind of went into their out cliques. My brother went his own way with his friends and my mom and my sister got close. After I had left my ex, the whole family just seemed cold around me.

Later, I ran off with another black sheep, trying to make it on my own. We've been in a struggle since. My life wasn't really going anywhere to begin with, so it's always been a struggle. After I got married to the man I ran off with, everyone got ever colder towards me and wouldn't talk to me. We both went into bad times and became homeless. My husband urged me to contact my mom, hoping she'd let me in so that I am safe. Which she did, but everyone seems to treat me like a shadow. I've been secretly taking care of my husband since they turned their backs on him, but my mom thinks I've been over eating and slacking off. So she's been constantly yelling at me. I feel helpless because I can't say anything back or otherwise she'll snap and tell me to leave. I've been depressed and crying a lot because I can feel that I've been rejected but because I'm blood related, they are allowing me to exist in my old room.

I also feel hurt that none of my aunts, uncles, and grandparents have tried to contact me and check up on me. It's like I am no longer part of this family. And I know family is what you make of it, but to go from a loving family to a drama-filled, hateful family, it hurts.
AlbinoLapineRedQueen AlbinoLapineRedQueen
22-25, F
Nov 30, 2012