The Youngest And The Ignored.

I'm the youngest out of 3 and the only girl. My brothers, have never done anything with their lives. They're drug addicts and have no lives but my dad worships the ground they worship on?! They're in their 20s and I'm in my late teens and I've had 2 full time jobs and I'm currently studying towards my HND at college. But my parents say it's not good enough. They had to help my brother APPLY for a college course when he was 21 and I was 15 and did it off my own back. I've worked my bum off for years to impress my parents but they just see fault in me. I've never tried drugs and I rarely drink. But if I want to go somewhere and do something I get a lecture. My brothers have been able to smoke, drink and do drugs since age 14. Not a problem with them doing that. I just feel invisible. I want to move out. -.-
CakesxD CakesxD
Dec 13, 2012