Yeah, I'm the black sheep of my family. My father, let me rephrase that, my ***** donor, was a preacher man. The old man kicked me to the curb when I was 15. Said I was a bad influence on my little brother.

Hey, my life hasn't been perfect. Yeah, I was in and out of trouble with the law man. That's to be expected when you belonged to a biker club. I grew up hard. I fought for everything I got. Disrespected me and you got cut or shot. And that went for any member of my family as well. Back then, the Crew was my family.

Like I said, I was the original outlaw. I was the one your momma warned you about. When we rode into your town, it was Katie Bar The Door! Lock your windows, lock your doors, lock up your wife, your daughter and your pets, cause somebody was gonna get got!

I've since change a little. The gang disbanded about 6 years ago. May as well, most are in prison or dead. I buried my mom three years ago. She tried to hold the family together but she fought a losing battle. I walked out of prison the day she died. I mounted my iron horse and rode almost a thousand miles in the pouring rain to be there for her funeral.

Well, that's my story. Like it, hate it, it's your choice. I'm me and I guess you can say I've still got a little bad boy in me. Wanna change me? Good luck with that. Be sure to let me know how that turns out, ok!!!
36-40, M
Jan 19, 2013