But I Am Starting to Fit In a Little Better.

Mostly because I was really the only child to dare to be me. I did what I wanted, when I wanted and didn't care about my families approval. I still am very true to myself but having grown up a lot my behavior isn't as offensive.
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Are you fitting in better - or wanting to believe they feel that way? Sometimes seeking acceptance is futile, especially from an overly critical family who opposes your every impulse and action. I would love nothing more than to simply be accepted by mine - but am no longer striving to gain it, or trying to put together an impossible puzzle of what their acceptance requires. More power to you for staying true to yourself, it's rough when it feels there is hope and you are the one falling short. In reality, they hold the award for being narrow-minded should your belonging have a strict policy to adhere to. We learn from our mistakes, and parents should not be ashamed of the ones we make. Just make sure you never disappoint yourself, and if they want a true relationship with you - you'll be accepted for who you are - we can only hope they can see through to our happiness and be content with that. If I had a child; I'd simply wish it to grow up happy, healthy and most of all - free to be!

i find it hard sometimes to bear my family's disapproval, so good on ya! :D