I've always been different then the rest of my family. I guess there are some things I share with some of them here and there but all in all I don't know where I come from. I think, feel, and act differently from the rest of my family. My morals are different, the things I'm interested in are different. I do have physical traits that run in my family but mostly only on my dad's side. It's my mind and personality that's SO different. It's frusterating cause no one shares the same interests as I do (at least not in my family) so to talk to them about what I like is like trying to talk to a brick wall.

I'm WAY more accepting of people then anyone else in my family. All of my family (except for the siblings I raised) are anti-homosexuality...that's something I've just recently realized about some of them and it's also something I find completely idiotic. I've also learned that my family would disown anyone in the family that marries out of our own race. Another thing I can't seem to understand.

I honestly don't know where I come from. How did I grow up in a family like this and end up being SO completely different???

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I have three brothers and I am the only sister. I feel like the odd one all the time, trust me. But that is ok, this way I feel special as well :P