More Goat Than Sheep

For seventeen years, I've lived the name of 'black sheep' in my family. I shout my emotions. I live and breath new ideas, and I'm an open book where my family is still in their package - never opened.

When I was younger, my brother would tease and tell me I was adopted. Or sometimes I'd imagined I was from Mars - an alien only beginning to deploy my thoughts and ideas into the world.

Strange, I know. But I've never fit in. Not in my family. Not with our local neighborhood kids. I've always felt...out-of-place, you know. Not belonging. We may be of the same blood pool and share a medical history, but, truthfully, I feel distant and struggle with feeling of 'home' at times.


Nich Nich
18-21, F
2 Responses Jun 19, 2007

Thank you so much. It's nice to feel not so alone in the world, and to get to know other people. Thanks.

i've felt that way before - feeling strange when you call a place you sleep in but are loath to return to "home", esp. when things were bad. <br />
what i think to comfort myself is that there are ppl out there like me who i can make "family". you sound like such a vibrant, passionate person, so i should think you'd have no trouble doing this! ;>