The Drifter

     I have definitly won the prize for the least successful in my family, materialistically and monetarily that is.  I've had my feeling hurt a few times over hearing someone in the family talking about my instability, but I wouldn't trade my life for theirs

     The one thing they have that I wish I did are soul mates.  I'll gladly grow roots, if I don't have to grow old alone.

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8 Responses Jun 28, 2007

I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about this but I'm just gonna say that I'm very glad and impressed that you wouldn't trade your life for theirs. You're so much richer.

I've known people with lots of money and some of them would be glacd to trade their lives for mine some of them anyway.

You write very honestly.Good for you. It's hard to be the blacksheep of the family. If you're not the "Same" as everyone else and the Jones's,you're getting raised eyebrows. I'll take the raised eyebrows over the Jones' everytime!

I'll be your soul mate Puck.... I think you're wonderful...<br />

Go for the brass ring, Puck! You probably have more spirit and soul than your whole family put together.

its great that you don't want their lives - stability can be boring, and doesnt necessarily always signify happiness. all those movies that feature bored well-off families have def'ly shown us that!

I really thought I found my soulmate, but at this time after 20 years a together, I ponder divorce. Better luck to you. HEy, I live in trailor. What does that tell you about monitary or material? Stick with what you are doing. You make me laugh..

instability makes for the best stories. do not let anyone change you! you seem to have a good idea as to what you want out of life. stick with it, as long as your happy!