goodbye apartment, goodbye college, hello moving back in with the parents. not only that, but because my sister is the perfect child, i'm harshly criticized. i drink, i smoke, i stay out "late," i'm hardly home, i dont exercise on a regular basis, and the list goes on. i'm sorry i dont have a fantastic job like my siblings, i'm sorry i want to see the world, i'm sorry for not taking your bullshit, and i'm sorry for not being the person you want me to be. i'm never going to fully fit in, and i'm okay with this. i just with the judging would stop.

gypsysoul gypsysoul
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2 Responses Jul 2, 2007

After reading what you wrote id say good on you, for being you and not giving a flying flick what anyone thinks

of all the apologies, i think u should NEVER be sorry for not taking their bullshit!