I am the youngest - by 17 years

I am the heathen  - in that i don't attend church

I am the one that lives in sin

I am the one that does not live within five miles of the homestead

I am the one that is very vocal

I am the only one not estranged, that does not get on with the matriarch, and can see through her

I am the stubborn one

I work in Human Rights which is 'only something for the other side in Northern Ireland' pfft

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2 Responses Feb 24, 2009

Black Sheep! Me too. But then everyone I live with, work with or walk past in the city treats me like s***. I guess I am a piece of nothing

well im the oldest by 2 yrs but i definetely am not equal to my brothers! and have never been in my moms eyes. im supposed to be in catholic church every wednesday and sunday and i do go to church!!!